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If Matthieu can be summed up in a few words, he would be that of an “observant artist”-he sees what others do not, those little nuances in life are captured and framed in a way that takes the viewer on a journey they had yet to venture out on. His approach is very human and thoughtful, with a laser focus on the details. Matthieu is very easy to work with, but don’t let his casual, charming-French-friendly style fool you. Once the project gets rolling, he is fully consumed by the work and will stop at nothing to get the best result. He always adds that extra special touch to each project, and in a sense, making it his own; leaving whoever is involved knowing the project is in good hands.


The imagery he captures is very simple, visceral, and communicates to the viewer not only meaning, but also leaves one to wonder. Each shot takes you to another place, where you wish the frame would keep going, yet meticulously edited to anticipate what’s to come. He is the director to choose when you are looking for a good balance of storytelling, stunning visuals, genuine emotions, thoughtful and memorable performances. When it comes to the technical aspect of directing, Matthieu embraces the unconventional; he is always looking for ways to stir up the mediocrity, and make his mark in each project he undertakes. And by the end of the project you will not only obtain a great piece of work, but an experience with a guy who simply loves to make great films.